Our sustainability

The United Nation set several global sustainability goals that Germany wants to implement as well. Accordingly, the German government also wants to integrate these into our daily activities and our global help activities. Because sustainable action affects us all.  


That is why we also want to act according to these sustainability goals. In the following, we want to explain which goals we cover with our projects. If you would like to know more about the individual goals, just click here for more information. Moreover, there is more information on what Germany already does for each sustainability goal linked to every icon (unfortunately, only in German). 

You want to know more about the respective projects? Just click on the corresponding icons.

Establishment of clean drinking water

Training of men and women equally as local operating personnel

Construction and repair of pond sand filters

Creation of barrier-free access when using the pond sand filters

between Germany and Bangladesh through our partnership with RUPANTAR

Building social enterprise and local income

Avoidance of diseases due to lack of menstrual hygiene

Implementation of information campaigns and education of seamstresses and trainers

Strengthening women through information campaigns that reach men as well

Manufacture of reusable sanitary pads from textile industry waste

Production of reusable sanitary pads and thus avoidance of disposable pads

between Germany and Bangladesh through our partnership with RUPSAR

Production and distribution of face masks and soap to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Production of reusable masks and thus avoidance of disposable masks

between Germany and Bangladesh through our partnership with RUPSAR