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who we are

Our non-profit organisation 'Association for Sustainable Community Enacted Development e. V.', or simply ASCEND, was founded in Hannover, Germany, by a group of global citizens who perceive local problems in vulnerable areas as global challenges and want to take action to support a sustainable way of living for all human beings.

what we want

We aim to focus on local problems in endangered regions of our world as challenges. With our experiences and knowledge, we want to take action to ensure humane living conditions for every human being on earth on the long rum.

what is new

New project - 13/10/2020

We proudly present our new project: JAGORAN


Throughout the year we have already been working on the development of our new project, an integrated overall concept for a girls' boarding school in Bajua, Bangladesh. Covid-19 has delayed the preparations, so we are still calculating and refining. However, already now you can read about the problems the girls in the Govt. LBK Degree Girls College and how we try to support them. 


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UN Sustainable Development Goals - 07/08/2020

What we at ASCEND do to achieve the UN sustainability goals


In 2015, the United Nation has adopted an agenda with a total of seventeen global sustainable development goals, which Germany also wants to implement. Accordingly, the German government also wants to implement them in the actions of the government level, but also for civil society, the private sector and science. Because, as it says on its website, sustainable action affects us all. 


With our three projects, we already cover some of these sustainability goals, such as the goal of health and well-being, sufficient good quality water supply or sustainable consumption. You want to read more about them? Look here or on our project pages, which now also show which goals are being pursued with which project.