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Our non-profit organisation 'Association for Sustainable Community Enacted Development e. V.', or simply ASCEND, was founded in Hannover, Germany, by a group of global citizens who perceive local problems in vulnerable areas as global challenges and want to take action to support a sustainable way of living for all human beings.

what we want

We aim to focus on local problems in endangered regions of our world as challenges. With our experiences and knowledge, we want to take action to ensure humane living conditions for every human being on earth on the long rum.

what is new

Update JAGORAN Project - 03/09/2023

Awareness Raising Workshops with the girls


While the construction work surrounding the new sanitary facilities and waste management for our JAGORAN project are in full swing, our partner organisation organised awareness raising workshops for the girls studying at the college. In four sessions, they learned about all three components of our project: menstrual hygiene, waste, and water management. 


By organising such workshops, we make sure that the girls are involved in the whole project, and know how to handle the new facilities. Like that, the project is both more sustainable and more public-involving - aspects that we highly value at ASCEND!

Update JAGORAN Project - 25/03/2023

Things are moving forward on our project site...


Now that the financing has been clarified and the first disbursements have arrived in Bangladesh, and now that the plans for the sanitary block rehabilitation have been drawn and signed off, our local partner organisation is busy building! The toilet complex will contain four showers, five toilet rooms, seven wash basins and a room for the disposal of menstrual products, including a water filter that will be able to filter the pond water for use. The project will be completed in June - and we will keep you updated here!