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Our non-profit organisation 'Association for Sustainable Community Enacted Development e. V.', or simply ASCEND, was founded in Hannover, Germany, by a group of global citizens who perceive local problems in vulnerable areas as global challenges and want to take action to support a sustainable way of living for all human beings.

what we want

We aim to focus on local problems in endangered regions of our world as challenges. With our experiences and knowledge, we want to take action to ensure humane living conditions for every human being on earth on the long rum.

what is new

Delay JAGORAN Project - 01/04/2021

Project start again postponed until later


Due to the ongoing difficult situation surrounding the COVID-19 developments in the country, Bangladesh has now postponed the school openings once more. Accordingly, the girls' college where we are planning our new project has not reopened on 31 March as promised, but will remain closed for another two months. This also means that we will have to continue to wait for input from the girls on site in order to concretely start the project. Fingers crossed that the next steps can be taken in May! 

Update COVID-19 Preventive Initiative - 07/01/2021



Besides UNICEF (see post below), the NGO BASED has now also become aware of our work. For their involvement in the camps of the Rohingya Refugees (you want to know more? Click here), we have now sent them 5,000 facemasks from our production. In addition to these, we have already distributed additional 6,000 facemasks to other (N)GOs and districts to counter the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the slums and camps.