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Our team comprises a wide range of disciplines like sanitary and environmental engineers, software specialists, researchers, waste management experts, psychologists, business managers, and others. Our members perceive themselves as global citizens, who work towards a sustainable life on earth for everyone, independent of national or cultural differences. The team comprises Indian, Bangladeshi, German and US American nationalities, setting an example for international collaboration and teamwork.

We therefore see our responsibility to help all people on earth to live in dignity and worth living, regardless of national or cultural differences.


»To foster healthier communities in vulnerable areas through integrated sustainable concepts and capacity building«

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ASCEND is a German registered non-profit organisation, headquartered in Hannover, Germany. The official organisation name is 'Association for Sustainable Community Enacted Development e. V.'

The organisation is neutral towards political views, ethical origins and religions. ASCEND has pledged itself to transparency, integrity, impartiality, accountability, equality, tolerance, and respect. Furthermore, ASCEND commits itself to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Code of Ethics.

Our organisation does not have any economic interests, nor any intentions to gain profit. What we do does not serve an economic purpose for members; funding is used exclusively for the betterment of living conditions for the world's most vulnerable citizens.

ASCEND is directed by the board and its president, which is elected by all organisation members for a duration of two years.

common public interest

ASCEND is a non-profit organisation free of economic interests. All our members work on a voluntary basis. That means that daily administrative and organisational expenses are covered by small private contributions from our members. Consequently, all project related funding is immediately directed towards the desired purposes without administrative deductions. We obtain funding from international and national governmental funding programs as well as private donors to finance our projects. Moreover, we only accept donations and funding from sources which are in line with our constitution and ethical standards.