This project covers the following

sustainability goals of the United Nations: 


Integrated overall concept for a girls college in Bajua, Bangladesh

Quick Facts

Project Location:         Bajua, Dacope, Bangladesh

Executive Partner:      RUPSA

Project Duration:         Project start depends on covid-19-related school closure

Beneficiaries:              ca. 7,000 girls and young women

Total Costs:                 is still being calculated

Core problems of a girls college in Bajua

In Bangladesh, many problems concerning sustainability and social equality come together. Sanitary facilities do not meet the hygiene standards needed for a healthy life, the water supply remains problematic, and women and girls in the region receive little or no education about menstrual hygiene.


In a girls' school like the Govt. LBK Degree Girls College in Bajua, all these problems come together: The school has no regulated water or waste system and the girls live together in huts in a confined space, share far too few sanitary facilities and usually have no money to take care of menstrual hygiene - many of them lack education and awareness of menstrual hygiene.


Therefore we will soon start the implementation of our project JAGORAN. Jagoran, a word from Bengali, meaning capacity building through the transfer of scientific knowledge - a principle that we believe has a future, combining different approaches in an innovative way, proving what is possible. 

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Future Project

Water supply


We at ASCEND want to consider the entire water cycle from water supply to waste water disposal, and this can be used not only efficiently but also effectively. That means that we want to apply concepts with the potential for multiple use of water resources in order to satisfy all needs sufficiently. Safety, reliability and sustainability are equally important to us. 


Waste management


ASCEND's plan regarding waste management is to integrate locally generated waste streams as valuable and nutritious materials into a sustainable recycling system. That will save resources, improve soils and yields, and reduce the environmental impact of a deficient waste system. This recycling system is particularly innovative, as it creates a decentralised solution. 


Menstrual hygiene


Based on the concept of the Menstrual Hygiene Initiative (MHI), ASCEND would like to continue to educate girls about menstrual hygiene and possibly even expand the educational campaigns with other topics on being a woman. In addition, we would like to improve the school's sanitary facilities and give the girls access to reusable sanitary pads. The girls will be involved in the decision-making process in order to strengthen their self-esteem and self-efficacy by giving them co-responsibility. 


How can you help?

Be part of it and help us to support the girls in Bajua!

For the project, we always need an own share of financing to enable the project to start. Donate already now so that we can start the project in 2021 without any problems.



Simply use our JAGORAN QR code, which will take you straight to the payment in your banking app. All you need to do is enter the amount you would like to donate, send it and you're done! Donating is that easy. 


Transfer your donation directly to our donation account with the subject "JAGORAN" or fill out the SEPA direct debit mandate


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