ASCEND develops and promotes practical community-based waste, water and environmental management solutions in vulnerable areas worldwide. Our organisation offers vocational training for low-skilled workers as well as educational programs for awareness rising and sensitization towards sustainability and environmental protection. For projects to be successful, local environmental, social and economic contexts must be taken into account to the greatest extent possible. In addition, problems such as fresh water scarcity, land degradation and ecosystem overburden are often interlinked and related in large part to poor waste management practices. To this end our projects address life quality issues using comprehensive “bottom-up” approaches which target multiple environmental problems using existing and novel synergies in urban, peri-urban and rural areas.

Current Projects

Water for Dacope

Establishing a Sustainable Drinking Water Supply for Climate Vulnerable Dacope Upazilla, Bangladesh

Menstrual Hygiene Initiative (MHI)

Tackling Menstrual Hygiene Taboos through Awareness Raising and Establishing a Supply Structure with Hygiene Products in Dacope Upazilla, Bangladesh.