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Final Report Menstrual Hygiene Initiative - 06/01/2020

Everything at one glance


First of all: Happy New Year in the round! We hope you arrived well in the new year and had a wonderful time in the last weeks. 


By the way, we did too, and on top of that we were still busy and finished the final report for the Menstrual Hygiene Initiative, which you can now download here! Here you can see what we have achieved in the last year in the project period from April to September and you can read what you have helped us to achieve. 


By the way - a new project is already in the starting blocks, please read more about it in the post below.

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New Year - New Projects - 19/12/2010

The topic: A girl's school in Bangladesh


Drum rolls and fanfares, pay attention and listen up:

Our new project is ready! 


In 2020 ASCEND will enter a new year, a new phase, a new task. Our good intentions for the new year? To help a girls' school in Bangladesh. 600 girls are learning for their future there every day. 400 of them even live there. But there is a lack of washrooms, menstrual education and water supply. 


We want to profit from the last two years and apply successful projects to the future. Therefore, we would like to help the school to optimize its water system, to extend guard rooms and to teach the girls about menstrual hygiene. 


You find that exciting? Then stop by here from time to time, because this is where we will tell you over the next few weeks how we are going to put our plans into concrete terms!

News - 05/12/2019

New upcoming projects


After the successful completion of our five first projects within our programmes Water4Dacope and Menstrual Hygiene Initative we are currently developing new projects. Whether Bangladesh, India, Ecuador, or even Germany, water management, menstruation awareness, waste management or education - ASCEND is working on new innovative projects!

Stay tuned! We will keep you posted. 

Update Menstrual Hygiene Initiative - 15/10/2019

The Menstrual Hygiene Initiative came to an end!


Drumroll, excitement, champagne glasses clinking: The MHI project was successfully completed at the end of September 2019!


We would like to thank all of you, donors and volunteers, for your support in the implementation of this project!


Here is a small overview of what we have achieved: 


Which sanitary napkins we halped to make: 

Since the start of the project in April this year, a production facility has been set up with the appropriate equipment for the production of the bandages, a team of seamstresses had been trained, the sanitary napkins designed, tested, and improved again and again, until they finally decided on two variants, the so-called "Deshi-Pads". 


Who we told about menstrual hygiene: 

Our partner organisation RUPSA conducted ten educational workshops in various villages. Another 14 workshops took place at twelve different schools and two colleges. In addition, the women and girls of the region were taught basic knowledge about menstrual hygiene in more than 160 "yard sessions". Almost 9,000 women and girls took part in these workshops alone! 


How we want to draw more attention to the problem: 

The annual "World-Menstrual-Day" was also co-organised by us. Workshops and rallies were held there. Even seven local daily newspapers reported on the support provided within our MHI project. 


Why the whole thing is necessary: 

In the course of the project, three health camps were set up in various villages, as planned. Here, a gynaecologist examined and treated a total of 343 patients who had health problems due to a lack of menstrual hygiene. 


What we draw from it:

Despite the greatest possible efforts and planning on our part, not all problems could be solved within the duration of the project, of course. Therefore, RUPSA would like to continue to support and supervise the project through various measures even after its completion. This is absolutely in our interest and we are delighted that the project went so well that it is now being continued by the people themselves! 


A final report will be online within a few weeks. 

Want to know more about the whole project? Here you can find more information! 

Update Menstrual Hygiene Initiative - 03/08/2019

A small interim result


Exactly one year ago, exactly here, we announced that our Menstrual Hygiene Initiative is entering its second round. And today, to the day one year later, we want to report a short interim result:  


Since the start of the project in April this year, a team of dressmakers was trained, they were given the room and machines they needed for the production of the sanitary napkins, napkins have been designed, tested and redesigned until the final product, approved by its future users, was clear: the DeshiPads. 

The World Menstruation Day was co-organised and several workshops have been held, both officially and and low-threshold in the backyard of our educational team. Women were taught the importance of menstrual hygiene, and how normal female biology is despite the traditional perception of women there.

Our newest achievement: a health camp where doctors can treat women who suffer from illnesses due to a lack of menstrual hygiene. A survey, conducted by ASCEND, showed that 12% of women living in Dacope suffer from consequences of missing menstrual hygiene. Now, with the help of RUPSA, we could establish our first health camp at the Kakrabuniya elementary school. 


We are freaking proud! We hope you, too. 


Sanitary Napkins Manufacturing – DESHI Pad – May 2019

The sanitary napkins have got a name 😊


In order to minimise the impact on the environment and at the same time to reduce the costs to the rural people as much as possible, they are manufactured using textile leftovers from the bangladeshian textile industry.

Until now 3 concepts were designed and given to probands for testing. The acceotance of the test-napkins was very high and on the basis of several suggestions the comfort of the sanitary napkins could be improved. RUPSA is working on the new designs.


World Menstrual Hygiene Day  - 28/05/2019

RUPSA organises World Menstrual Hygiene Day in Bangladesch


In 2014 the Menstrual Hygiene Day was initiated by the Organisation WASH United to make people aware of the importance of menstrual higiene.


Dacope Upazilla Administration organised together with our partner organisation RUPSA this day in may 2019. More than 200 people from government, different NGOs and CSOs took part in it.


After a parade through the streets of Upazilla an open discussion was held about the topic with 90 participants. The Marti Mongal Secondary High School organized a colorful cycle rally among the students on
the occasion.


Update MHI - May 2019 - Bangladesh

Leadership Training, Awareness Raising & Court Yard Sessions


Die Aufklärungsarbeit von bangladeschischen Frauen für bangladeschische Frauen geht voran.


16 group-leaders participated in a daylong training on leadership and can now motivate and mobilize the members of the women groups about MHM and ensure the access of DESHI Pad to them.


191 beneficiaries took part in an awareness rising session on 25 May 2019. The girls and women were informed about menstrual hygiene management and safe and healthy reusable menstrual hygiene product usage. Two additional training sessions were conducted in the meantime to sensibilise the women of the topic.


Own Contribution fulfilled - 15/03/2019

Thanks to your help MHI starts in the 2nd. round :)


Dear supporters,

with your donations we were able to fulfill the required own contribution of 1,560 Euros in short time :) Thank You for that!!


The donations that are not listed at were transferred directly on our bank account or came in on regular basis. Together you enabled us to start the project on 1 April in Bangladesh. You are the best! :)


The ALTERNAID Foundation for People in Misery is sponsors us with 13,500 Euros. That is motivating us even more.

  The ALTERNAID Foundation realises your goals throgh financial and material support of projects inland and abroad, that have the goal to enable people in misery to live a live in dignity and with perspective. Further information at

Donation Appeal MHI - 24/11/2018

Help us to reach our project's share


We're ready and already so looking forward to start; small stores which produce and distribute self-made menstrual sanitary products, for small expenses, wait to be constructed, built and organized. There's just one little thing missing: You! In order to cover the 15,000€ project's costs, we need your help - donate now, directly here in using our donations form (with MHI as subject) or on Be part of the whole and help us to put our visions into reality. 

Newsletter 02/2018 - 20/10/2018

Voilà - here is our second newsletter!


Starting today, our second newsletter is in our download section, ready to get downloaded. Here, you get all the current news regarding the projects, what we want to do in the future and how we want to reach our goalds with you. You can download it directly here and start reading right now.   

Update Water4Dacope - 18/09/2018

News from Dacope


There are so many news from Bangladesh, we don't even know where to begin. Time is running and the project is expanding constantly. As previously reported, the project has been completed in April.


Meanwhile, the water storage system of the Kakra Bunia elementary school as officially been inaugurated by the leading administration of the region Dacope Upazilla. The government as well as the pupils are more than greatful for the work done by ASCEND and our sponsor, the Bingo Umweltstiftung. So the inauguration has been celebrated accordingly. 


Furthermore, the second project and therefore the installation of the pond sand filter in the village West Bajua has been completed after a short delay due to unexpected rain masses. All three pond filter (Saheberabad, Podderganj, West Bajua) of the second project are ready now, easily accessible, equipped with pipes for the manually operated pumps and the necessary filter material, connected to the ponds, and finally tiled with the ASCEND-blue tiles. Moreover, the responsibles on place are now trained to take care of maintaining the new filter. 


Lastly, the update in pictures: 


Update Menstrual Hygiene Initiative - 03/08/2018

Clear the ring for the second round!


Our project team has been hardworking and now we can officially announce - Menstrual Hygiene Initiative (MHI) is going into the second round!


The objective: provide women with self-made sanitary napkins and implement new jobs at the same time

Duration: 6 months (persumably starting november 2018)

Project costs: approximately €15,000 


You are thrilled to support the project already now? You can use the general donation transfer and simply give "MHI" as subject. Each cent counts!

Update Water4Dacope - 05/07/2018

Final Report of Project 1 now as Download


The first project of Water4Dacope as been successfully completed in April. Starting today, you can download the final report on our website or directly here


Duration: 01.02. - 30.04.2018

Beneficiaries: approximately 1,030 people

This has been implemented: 

  • Maintenance of two Pond Sand Filter
  • Installation of a new rainwaterstorage facility
  • Training and education of a local maintenance personell for each storage facility
  • Founding of Water Management Committees in order to ensure enduring running and financing of the facilities' regular maintenance

And the best part? We're already in the thick of the second project...

News Release - 21/06/2018

"Tools4life sponsors water conditioning in Bangladesh"


Now it is official: The Tools4life foundation now sponsors our Water4Dacope project and enables us therefore to restore three additional pond sand filters in the villages Chitabunia, East Bajua, and Kamarkhola. Thereby 920 people living there could benefit from a clean drinking water supply. Tools4life supports us with an overall sum of 3,941 €, therefore we can start with the third project phase already in august when having just finished the second. The project phase thus spans from 1st august to 31st of october.


TOOLS FOR LIFE aims to provide people in all regions of the world with all essential ressources necessary for a healthy life. This accounts for material supply with energy and water as well as the development of immaterial ressources like education, training, and coaching. Find more information on

Update Water4Dacope - 18/06/2018

The water tanks are filled


It has rained enough those last days to fill the three water tanks of the Kakra Bunia elementary school in Dacope. 

And that's how it works: The water of the rainfall is collected and is filtered for pollutant as well as particles. Moreover, the water collection basin, transport pipes, filter, watertank and taps are already properly adjusted. See for yourself: 

Update Menstrual Hygiene Initiative - 29/05/2018

From Feminism and the Breaking of Taboos


After the drinking supply now also the improvement of menstrual hygiene of women living in West-Banishanta, Bangladesh – ASCEND has widened its focus in these last months and led its second project successfully through the first phase. In cooperation with our partner organisation RUPSA we diligently worked on stigmatisation and tabooing of the topic. Here you can see the preliminary results:

The Hardfacts:


  • Project participation – 250 women (47 students)

  • Usage of sanitary napkins – 94% not at all, 6% unregularly, 0% regularly
  • Costs of sanitary napkins – are currently around 70 BDT/month as market price. Women in the region however can only afford 20-35 BDT for hygiene articles.
  • Required material of sanitary napkins – 76% reusable sanitary napkins made of textile, 24% disposable sanitary napkins; in case of reusable sanitary napkins, washing facilities inside the household are preferred (96%) compared to a central locality in the village (4%).

Already in these first weeks we had an unbelievable training response with altogether 250 women participating in our trainings. Within the scope of the awareness raising project, consciousness, knowledge and information already present about menstruation and hygiene management were widened and deepened within an active exchange. Existing problems were addressed and it was looked for solutions and possibilities to realise what the women want. Additionally, hygiene articles were distributed to the participants with the objective to produce these independently and locally in future.


What's up next?

As before: Our project team is already working on the next phase! You want to be part of it? Just write us.

Newsletter 01/2018 - 10/05/2018

Our very first newsletter is online!


Starting today you can find our newsletter in our download section and get an idea of what is going on with ASCEND e.V. - what is the current status of our projects? How are we financing everything? What is happening behind the scene? Download the newsletter now and find out. 


Of course there is also a german version, no worries!

News Release - 25/04/2018

"Ehemalige stellen Ihre NGO vor" - Alumni present their NGO


"At the Umweltmesse of the TH Bingen on wednesday, 25th april 2018, two alumni presented their self-founded aid organisation ASCEND (Association for Sustainable Community Enacted Development)." You could meet up with us there, hear more about us and learn more about how to be part of it. 


The TH Bingen liked us - just as we did!


You can find the full article here:

News Release - 17/04/2018

"ALTERNAID sponsors water conditioning in Bangladesh"


The ALTERNAID Foundation for People in Need now supports the second round of the project "Water4Dacope". This will allow us to realise the repair of two sand filters in the estates Saheberabad Ward 1 and Saheberabad Ward 2 just as the construction of a new one in the village West Bajua, so much that 1,100 people on site will benefit immediately. The project duration is set from 1st may until 31st of july 2018, thus for three months. The full budget accounts for 6,084€, whereas the subsidy of 5,100€ from the ALTERNAID foundation covers a great part of it.


The ALTERNAID foundation realises its visions by supporting projects nationally as well as internationally by providing financial and tangible aid. The greater good of those projects: to enable impoverished people to live their life in dignity and with a future perspective. Find more information on

Update Water4Dacope - 11/03/2018

The project started with its first phase


At the beginning of february, our very first project Water4Dacope has finally started. Therefore, we can proudly present the initiation of the all together four phases of the project in Dacope, Bangladesh. In cooporation with our partner organisation Rupantar, we could already achieve huge progresses: 

Founding of a Water Management Committee 

  • Capacity Building: A community-chosen team was trained to maintain the sand filter and keep it running, also in the long run. 
  • The first trainee-programme began february 24th. 

Further usage and protection of the pond

  • An additional manually operated pump with an independent water basin has been installed - for example to water vegetables.
  • In order to protect the water quality and prevent unauthorized water usage, the pond was fenced.

Restauration of the filter (already completed to 85%)

  • The connection between filter and pond has been renewed and reconstructed. 
  • The outer walls of the pond sand filter have been redesigend and tiled. 
  • New filter material has been embedded in the sand filter.
  • A new manually operated pump in order to enable water usage has been installed. 
  • In order to actually facilitate the sand filter usage for everyone, a ramp to the filter platform has been built and furnished with a hand rail. 

What's up next?

Phase two of the project: We stay tuned, we carry on, we keep you posted.

News Release - 31/12/2017

"Bingo-Umweltstiftung sponsors water conditioning in Bangladesh"


The Niedersächsische Bingo-Umweltstiftung (NBU) sponsors the stable drinking water supply in Dacope (Bangladesh) with 5,280€. The society "Assocation for Sustainable Community Enacted Development", located in Hannover, wants to repair two already existant simple water treatment plants and to additionally establish a water reservoir of a local elementary school.

For water treamtent, simple manual methods are applied: the pond water is pumped through a filter consiting of several different sand layers in order to be then extracted via an external tap. With a water consumption of up to ten liter per person a day, one pond sand filter can provide clean drinking water for about 250 to 300 people. A well maintained filter can be used for 12 to 15 years. 

The local elementary school with 350 pupils collects rain water of the roof tops during the rains. Once collected, the rain water flows through a sand filter into two huge plastic tanks where it can again be extracted via a tap. 


The Niedersächsische Bingo-Umweltstiftung supports environmental and nature protecting projects just as those working for development assistance and historic preservation. The foundation finances itself through incomes of the Bingo environmental lottary. Find more information on