Update COVID-19 Preventive Initiative - 07/01/2021



Besides UNICEF (see post below), the NGO BASED has now also become aware of our work. For their involvement in the camps of the Rohingya Refugees (you want to know more? Click here), we have now sent them 5,000 facemasks from our production. In addition to these, we have already distributed additional 6,000 facemasks to other (N)GOs and districts to counter the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the slums and camps. 

Update Menstrual Hygiene Initiative - 07/01/2021

ASCEND now works with UNICEF


Since UNICEF in Bangladesh has become aware of our Menstrual Hygiene Initiative, we and our partner organisation RUPSA have now provided 15,000 Deshi Pads for their project in Chittagong Hill Tracts in the south-east of the country. In addition, women there have now also been educated about the sanitary pads' hygienic use in a one-day training, based on the workshops that ASCEND conducted in Dacope two years ago. 

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