Update JAGORAN Project - 03/09/2023

Awareness Raising Workshops with the girls


While the construction work surrounding the new sanitary facilities and waste management for our JAGORAN project are in full swing, our partner organisation organised awareness raising workshops for the girls studying at the college. In four sessions, they learned about all three components of our project: menstrual hygiene, waste, and water management. 


By organising such workshops, we make sure that the girls are involved in the whole project, and know how to handle the new facilities. Like that, the project is both more sustainable and more public-involving - aspects that we highly value at ASCEND!

Update JAGORAN Project - 25/03/2023

Things are moving forward on our project site...


Now that the financing has been clarified and the first disbursements have arrived in Bangladesh, and now that the plans for the sanitary block rehabilitation have been drawn and signed off, our local partner organisation is busy building! The toilet complex will contain four showers, five toilet rooms, seven wash basins and a room for the disposal of menstrual products, including a water filter that will be able to filter the pond water for use. The project will be completed in June - and we will keep you updated here!

Funding JAGORAN Project - 27/12/2022

The BINGO Foundation now officially funds our JAGORAN project!


Yes, we know, it has been very quiet around ASCEND e.V. and it has certainly not been the easiest year for the association to slowly regain a foothold in the everyday association business after the COVID openings. But - we have good news! Because 2023 will be different: at the end of this year, we have received the promise of financial support from the BINGO Environmental Foundation and are already looking forward to our partner organisation in Bangladesh finally starting with our JAGORAN project! 


BINGO will contribute 23.500€ to our project - and the remaining 4.500€ are already covered by YOU! Thank you again for your great help and willingness to donate over the last years!

So, here's wishing you all a happy new year, and get ready for an exciting ASCEND year.

Association news - 06/12/2021

Today ASCEND has already existed for five years!


Five years ago today, we founded ASCEND!

On 6 December 2016, we met with eight founding members in our living room in Hanover, wrote down our mission and together laid the foundation for great projects. Today we have 23 members and can look back on successful implementations.


Thank you for your great support - we look forward to the next five years with you!